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53 Wigan Canzoni & amp; Calcio Chants

Loud and proud in the North West!

1497 I'm a Believer Classic Wigan Anthem Playlist
1677 Wigan! (Drums) Awesome Wigan chant, makes a class ringotne Playlist
2178 Take Me Home Wigan Latics! Playlist
2267 Will Griggs Is on Fire Created by loyal Wigan fan Kenno Playlist
2968 Empty Seats My Lord My lord Playlist
2979 You're Not Fit to Referee Reserved for the worst refs Playlist
3345 Fanfare Variation on the same theme Playlist
3701 Oh Shaun Maloney Latics legend Playlist
4202 He's One of Your Own Sung at Leeds Playlist
4343 We Shall Not Be Moved 8 years and counting Playlist
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4347 Feed the Fish! An old chant sung to Conor SAMMON (Gedit?) vs Birmingham City (19-3-11) Playlist
4479 Ole Boycey Nice little ditty for our great Defender. Playlist
4744 It's Carson You Know Never believe he scores goals... Playlist
4871 Wigan (clap) Latics giving it some. Playlist
4957 Lancashire La La La The red,red rose... Playlist
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FIFA e PES Chant Pack

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