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27 Reading Songs & Football Chants

Some of the Royals funnier chants in print, if you have any audios, send 'em in.

261 And It's Super Reading We're by far the greatest team the world has ever seen. Playlist
894 We're Not Real Madrid Reading FC Playlist
1354 Der Der Reading Another classic footie chant Playlist
1748 Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie To the tune of Madonna's erotica. Don't know why this is funny, but it is! Playlist
2258 Jobi McAnuff Reading captain Playlist
2473 Worst Support We've Ever Seen Sung to wind 'em up Playlist
2478 My Garden Shed Sung at a small ground Playlist
2489 Who The F**k Is Alan Pardew Ex Reading Manager Playlist
2582 Shorey For England Sung before he actually played for England Playlist
2865 We Can See You Sneaking Out! Sang to the leaving Cardiff fans in the play-off away leg. Playlist
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3502 Everywhere We Go Great Reading song telling em who we are Playlist
3889 Stand Up For Steve Coppell Who needs Alan Pardew Playlist
3904 Nigel Knock Him Out Adkins knocking out the fourth official Playlist
4041 If You All Hate Swindon Clap Yer Hands Put yer hands together Reading Fans Playlist
4110 S*it Ref Having a go at another referee Playlist
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