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118 Gillingham Canzoni & amp; Calcio Chants

Kent's finish fans the gills

513 Championship Yer Having a Laugh Who do they think they are. Sung to teams with ridiculous aspirations Playlist
554 Simeon Jackson Top striker Playlist
1251 He's Taking Us Down And he robbed the crown Playlist
1659 The Home of the Shouting Men This is my interpretation of the lyrics so there might be mistakes. This is less of a chant, the song is played just before the players come out of the tunnel
1947 The Football League Is Upside Down We're going up Playlist
2268 S.T.I.M.M.O Sung to the tune of this old man...
2645 Hello Hello We Are the Gillingham Boys Surrender or die Playlist
2975 We're Going Down in a Minute Sung just before being relegated. Typical Gill humour Playlist
3343 When the Gills Go Marching In I wanna be in that number Playlist
4931 Get Yer Tits Out Sung to fat bloke in the stands. Tune is the same as "you're not singing anymore"
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5237 The Last Waltz Sung when the Gills are winning near the end.
5929 Who the Hell Are You Sung at an unknown player, or if a well known player misses a sitter!
6104 Gillingham, Gillingham, Gillingham Makes a great Gillingham ringtone Playlist
6800 Hark Now Hear the Gillingham Sing The Gillingham sing... Playlist
6998 Ei Ei Eio Sung when we are goin' up
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