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119 Colchester Canzoni & amp; Calcio Chants

The 'U''s sing it loud and proud in Essex

1579 Der Col U A great Colchester United chant to sing, gets the crowd going. Great Col U ringtone. Playlist
1764 U's Go Steaming In Great rouser of a Colchester football chant. Playlist
1926 (Clap) Col U Classic and simple Col U. football chant. Playlist
4614 United! (clap) Old chants are the best chants. Playlist
4832 Carefree CUFC Was it Chelsea of Col U that did this one first? Playlist
6627 We Can See You Sneaking Out sung at away fans leaving early when losing Playlist
6951 Come On Col U Gettting behind the lad's for Colchester. Playlist
8873 Off, Off, Off Chanted to infuence the ref to send the player off. Playlist
9527 Sit Down Shut Up Chumps... Playlist
12961 Build A Bonfire Build a bonfire.
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13226 Cheer Up Paul Lambert Norwich Scum
13471 F*ck Off Ipswich FC Sang by Col U fans wen they're against Ipswich
13789 Adams Park Is Full.... Sung to Wycombe Wanderers
14075 We Hate Ipswich We are the Ipswich haters!
14342 The Southend Run Away Sung to Southend to remind them of our past triumphs
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