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Top canzoni di calcio Vintage dal England

870 Newcastle United England Blaydon Races Great vintage chant Playlist
1235 Manchester United England Mourinho Are You Listening Poor Chelsea- thanks for keeping our trophy nice and shiny Playlist
1329 Manchester City England 31 Years Still here and bigger and better now. Playlist
1383 Manchester United England 50 Years Ago Classic old chant, but sung for the Memorial last February Playlist
1708 Liverpool England Every Other Saturday A Liverpool great I'd say Playlist
2439 Arsenal England North Bank/Clock End Highbury-chants still alive Playlist
2929 Hull England E I E I E I O Hull City Classic Hull City Football Song. Playlist
2933 Manchester United England If I Die In The Kippax Street Rip on the Kippax. Carry me home to the Stretty (A few verses in the audio, not all I'm afraid) Playlist
2938 Manchester United England Cheer Up Kevin Keegan Cheer up muppet Playlist
3415 Leicester England E I E I E I O (Nigel Pearson Version) Pearson version Playlist
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3465 Newcastle United England E-I-E-I-E-I-O King Kev! Playlist
3489 Leeds United England We Are Leeds, We Are Proud A classic Leeds record Playlist
3546 Chelsea England We're Going To Moscow Live for now, great Chelsea ringtone. Playlist
3625 Arsenal England We're On Our Way To Moscow for the Champions League final. Alas didn't quite make it Playlist
4107 Derby County England Ei, Ei, Ei, O Tuneful ditty, Billy is our king. Playlist
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