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Top canzoni di calcio 'avin a go dal England

95 Manchester United England We've Won It Two Times Fair and square. Playlist
122 Liverpool England Who The F*ck Are Man United? Who are they? Playlist
128 Chelsea England Who The F**k Are Man United Who are they again? Playlist
142 Manchester United England Suarez Is A Racist Luiz Suarez is a Racist (Ed: Views are not of FanChants, this song was sung, we put it up) Playlist
156 Liverpool England Chelsea Ain't Got No History Call that history, nouveau's. Playlist
174 Manchester City England Who The F*ck Are Man United Cockney glory hunters Playlist
190 Manchester United England City Are, That's A Fact after we beatin the scums! Playlist
205 Liverpool England Manchester Is Full Dirty Manchester scums Playlist
217 Manchester United England Hollow Hollow Chelsea's success Playlist
252 Manchester United England Are You Watching Merseyside? Not really sung anymore, but we knew they were watching Playlist
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292 Manchester United England Build A Bonfire Let's get a nice blaze going (Ed: New audio added Playlist
385 Manchester City England If You Hate Man United Need we say more. (Ed: New audio, worthy of a ringtone) Playlist
388 Manchester United England Steve Gerrard Kisses The Badge On His Chest He can't wait to get out of the place... Playlist
415 Manchester United England Viva John Terry The perfect way to make fun of Mr T Playlist
417 Manchester United England This Is How It Feels Another good dig at... Nah forgotten their name (Ed: Better audio added) Playlist
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